List of experts 2019


List is updated regularly

Françoise DENOYELLE – Historian in photography, University Professor, Curator

Françoise Denoyelle is a specialist in the history of photography, a University professor and Curator. She is an expert at the Paris Court of Appeal (photography),  and at the Agence d’évaluation de la recherche et de l’enseignement supérieur (AERES), at the Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR) and at the Scientific Committee of the city of Paris.

She is also the president of the Association for the promotion of photographic funds and a member of the Committee of donors and beneficiaries of the ex photographic heritage, direction of the Architecture and Heritage, Ministery of Culture and Communication.

She has published numerous books and prefaces. She is a member of the review board and of the scientific committee for photographic studies, a review edited by the French society of photography. She is also a member of the review board of the Cahier Louis-Lumière, a review edited by the ENS Louis-Lumière. And she  serves on the sceintific board of the Albert-Kahn museum.

Christian CAUJOLLE – Founder of Afence VU’ and Curator

French / Spanich / Italian

Art critic, Curator and author, Christian Caujolle began his career at the French daily « Libération » where he later became chief photo editor. In 1986, he creates Agence VU’ then, 10 years later, the VU’ Gallery. In 1997, he was appointed Artistic Director of the Rencontre d’Arles, he collaborated regularly with PhotoEspaña then created the Phnom Penh photography festival; the most important yearly meeting in South-Eastern photography. He regularly collaborates, since its creation, to the Carte Blanche and Art Direction of the photography festival Images Singulières in Sète. Since 2016, he is the Artistic Dorector of the Landskrona Photo Festival in Sweden.

He regularly writes for the Italian daily « Internazionale » – chronicals and portfolios –aswell as for other international publications, he teaches in workshops and since 2013 he began a collection of conversations with photographers entitled « Juste entre nous » (Just between us) with the André Frère publishing house.

Miranda SALT – Galerie Miranda

French / English

Miranda Salt was born in Melbourne (Australia) where she obtained a degree in political science and worked in book publishing and selling. In 1995, she moved to France where, after a short contract at Shakespeare & Co. bookshop, she worked for several advertising agencies as well as for the OCDE. In 2001 she was appointed, at the age of 31, Global Communications Director of BETC, France’s leading agency with a worldwide reputation for creative excellence as well as for its cultural programme. For BETC, she also ran the agency’s vast exhibition space (1000 m2), where she organized 17 major exhibitions including photography, (Here is New York, Alex MacLean, Harry Gruyaert, World Press Photo), video installations (Rineke Dijkstra, Darren Almond), and contemporary art (Joana Vasconcelos, Ruri). Since 2005 Miranda has regularly worked during Paris Photo with excellent international photography galleries, in particular Michael Hoppen Gallery (London) and ROSEGALLERY (Santa Monica). In 2007 she was named Global Communications Director of Magnum Photos in Paris and from 2015 to 2017 she was Associate Director of NextLevel Gallery in Paris, curating the gallery’s photography exhibitions and photography fair presence. This professional experience acquired over more than 20 years has provided her with a deep and unusually broad vision of photography that includes its different forms: artistic, commercial and documentary.

Corine HAMEL – Photo editor


Co-creator of the diffusion site for contemporary photography Distinctimage, Corine Hamel was also chief photo editor for the magazine Marie-Claire. Prior to this she had a successful career as a free-lance art buyer for large communication and advertising agencies. A picture researcher, she works today for the press, publishing companies and cultural institutions.
Corine Hamel often takes part in portfolio reviews since she truly loves exchanging and sharing especially with young photographers hence, contributing in a real think tank on their projects and productions.

Frédérique FOUNÈS – Agence Signature

French / English / Basis of Spanish
After post-graduate audio-visual studies, Frédérique Founès held the posts of press-relations manager and production manager for the Fnac Photo Galleries exhibitions department. In 2005, she joined the association Les Petits Frères des Pauvres as marketing director. There she helped set up the social documentary photo gallery Fait&Cause, handling press-relations and fund-raising and part of the production of exhibitions. She joined the press agency Editing in 2002 as director of cultural projects.
In 2008, with Marie Karsenty, she founded the photographers’ agency Signatures, which works with 50 photographers on their documentary projects. Signatures is something between an agency and a collective; its mission is to produce and distribute news stories about realities of society, everyday life, politics and economics for the press, public relations, and institutions. Frédérique Founès directed the Prix Nadar du Livre photographique from 2012 to 2015.
She has curated the following exhibitions :
– La traversée du siècle /group (2000), Amours de vieux / Eric Dexheimer (2002), Galerie Fait&Cause
– Gens d’Irak / Hien Lam Duc, Rencontres d’Arles 2003 ; Lambours toujours / Xavier Lambours, and Fille indienne / Didier Goupy at Mois de la photo, Paris 2006
– Europe échelle 27 / group ; XL27, Xavier Lambours at Mois de la photo, Paris 2008.

Laura SÉRANI – Foundation les Treilles & Festival Planche(s) Contact  – Art Director


French – English- Italian

Laura Serani is a curator of exhibitions and photographic/ audiovisual projects, aswell as an author of many essays.

She is currently the art director of the photography festival Planche(s) Contact in Deauville and, since 2015, the president of the Fondation des Treilles reidency award. She was joint art director of the 2008 and 2014 edition of the Mois de La Photography in Paris. She was, from 2009 to 2014 art director for the Rencontres de Bamako in Mali, and curator for  Fotografia Europea – Reggio Emilia from 2007 to 2015 and art director of SiFest in 2007 and 2008 in Italy.

Previously, from 1985 to 2006, Laura Serani was the chief editor for the Collection Fnac as well as in charge of the Galeries photographiques de la Fnac network, in Europe, Bresil and Taïwan.

Chantal ANDRÉ – Consultant in photography

Specialised in photography, Chantal André is a consultant for « Camera ». Previously, she has also worked for the art scene, for the Cutlog Photo Salon and for many press agencies. An art Advisor, a photographic talent « headhunter » for large groups (LVMH) and private collectors, she has recently opened her own exhibition space located rue de Bellechasse in Paris.

Béatrice ANDRIEU – Independent curator specialized in photography

French / English

Artistic director for the Photography Show organized by Aipad in 2018, Béatrice Andrieux is also an independent curator and art critic. She was artistic director of photo basel in 2016 and directed the Alt + 1000 festival in Switzerland in 2015. She collaborated at Paris Photo at the Grand Palais and Los Angeles from 2011 to 2014.

She was invited to the Rencontres d’Arles in 2017 for the exhibition « Levitt France, a pavilion utopia ». She started at the Zabriskie gallery and then at galerie du jour – agnès b, where she directed the exhibitions of Lee Friedlander, Nicolas Nixon, Claude Cahun, Seydou Keita, Malick Sidibe, Massimo Vitali and Martin Parr.

She co-wrote  « Lucien Hervé / Le Corbusier Contacts »with Quentin Bajac and Michel Richard, which was published at Seuil in 2011. She holds a DEA in Aesthetics (Paris Panthéon Sorbonne).

Francisco AYNARD – Agence Clermes

French / englsih / Spanish

A manager for the development and consultancy agency Clermes, Francisco Aynard was before that the direcor of the Abbaye de Fontenay. Clermes, in the field of photography, advises many different funds such as those of Gilles Caron, Pierre de Fenoyl or Alain Dister.

Ericka WEIDMAN – Artistic Director and editor « 9 lives »


After having studied Photography and Applied Arts, Ericka Weidman joins – as Art Director – an online magazine dedicated to photography, a position she held for ten years. In 2010, she starts a business as freelance Art Director, and besides she becomes chief editor for the magazine « Le Journal de la Photographie », and it is in September 2013 that she co-creates the daily  « L’Oeil de la Photographie » where she is chief editor until september 2016. On the 31rst of Octobre 2018 she launches « Mowwgli » a pure player dedicated to photography and the arts. It is at the autumn of 2018 that she starts « 9 Lives » an online magazine….

Marie-Anne MEHAY – Freelance picture researcher

French/ English

After having studied history, journalism and the search of documents, Marie-Anne Méhaye discovered the job of picture researcher.  She has been in the profession for over 25 years and works for the French press (Parisien Week-end, JDD, Pèlerin, L’Histoire…) as well as for book publishers such as Le Seuil (Les Réfugiés, 100 ans d’Histoire de Bruno Cabanes, Le Goulag de Nicolas Werth et Patrick Rotmann, Histoire mondiale de la France sous la direction de Patrick Boucheron, Histoire de chambre de Michelle Perrot, Vert de Michel Pastoureaux….), Larousse (with amongst others, collaborations on the books : L’Aventure des cathédrales, Les Hauts lieux de l’Histoire de France), Bayard Editions and les éditions Tallandier.

Gérald VIDAMMENT – Chief editor of the magazine Compétence Photo


A journalist and author, Gérald Vidamment has worked for several daily press media, and press specialised in photography. Currently he is an associate editor for the bi-monthly magazine « Compétence Photo » which supports and promote, since 2006, young talents with no age consideration but really by focusing on the photographer’s eye.
The magazine is distributed in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and many North-African countries. Gérald Vidamment is also the founder and president of the « HIP » award for the francophone photographic book, with the objective to credit, every year, authors of published and self-published francophone photographic books, as well as publishers of photography books. He is often invited to be part of various jury such as the Mark Grosset Award, Espace Beaurepaire Award, Canson Art School Awards, etc.

Nathalie BOCHER – LENOIR – Prix Niépce and Gens d’Image


Nathalie Bocher-Lenoir has worked as Head of Picture Research in the world of edition for over twenty years.

Today she is an Image Consultant  and advises on the managment of image archivals, on setting up projects, on editing for exhibitions or books, she also offers advises on picture research etc.

She is also – and has been for many years –  the president of the association Gens d’images, which aims at promotting and protecting photography, and in addition which present annualy the Niépce and Nadar Awards.

Armelle CANITROT – Journalist and critic

French / English

Armelle Canitrot est journaliste critique photographique, et a dirigé le service photo du quotidien La Croix de 1985 à 2018. 

Co-founder and chief editor of the magazine Pour voir (2000-2001). Armelle Canitrot is also the author of  essays on Artist’s work : « Le Témoin », Gilbert Garcin, 2005 ; « Harkis à Vie ? », Julien Chapsal, 2006 ; « Vis-à-Vis Miramas », Catherine Poncin, 2006 ; « Corinne Mercadier », 2007 (Filigranes Editions) ; « Du loukoum au béton », Frances Dal Chele, 2012 (Trans Photographic Press) ; « Secret River », John Davies, 2013 (Loco Editions) ; « 4234 Miles », Georges Rousse, 2014 (Actes Sud). She is alos the co-curator et co-director of the exhibition catalogue of the show « Izis, Paris des Rêves », held at the Hôtel de Ville de Paris in 2010, in Berlin in 2011, in Japan in 2012, Florence in 2013 and in Milan in 2014. (Editions Flammarion, 2009, Creviis, 2012, Alinari, 2014).

Xavier LUCAS – Parisien Week-end

French / English

Xavier Lucas is the head of the photography department of French magazine « Le Parisien Week-end », the weekly supplement to the daily « Le Parisien ». After working for many years in an agency, Xavier Lucas changed sides and went to work for magazines, in the photography department. In particular he was one of the co-founder of the « Parisien Magazine », which later became  « Le Parisien Week-end ».

Odile ANDRIEU – “Les promenades photographiques” Festival of Vendôme

The founder and former president of the Association Nationale des Iconographes (National Association of Iconographers) (ANI), Odile Andrieu is also the director and founder of the “Les Promenades photographiques” Festival of Vendôme.

Damien BACHELOT – Collector

Originally an art lover , Damien Bachelot has been a passionate collector of photography since 2000. His collection consists of work from French humanist photographers (including Brassaï, Doisneau, and Cartier-Bresson), and American photography (including Lewis Hine, Sid Grossman , and Bruce Davidson). He also acquires contemporary works (Stéphane Couturier, Luc Delahaye, Mitch Epstein, Paul Graham, and Edward Burtynsky, among others). Poetic, intimate and current, his collection is characterized by diversity, and testifies to the social and urban evolution of the world.

Maryline BLOCH – Collector

French / English

Maryline Bloch is an art lover, collector, and a great traveler.  Her collection prioritizes photographs that have a element of testimony of the diversity of cultures in her collection. She is a member of CARRÉ SUR SEINE, president of the members’ prize from CARRÉ SUR SEINE and programmer of the ECOUTEZ VOIR events.

Ericka WEIDMAN – Art Director and chief editor at 9 lives


After having studied Applied Arts and Photography, Ericka Weidman joins an online magazine dedicated to photography as « Le Journal de la Photographie ». In September 2013 she co-creates the daily « L’Oeil de la Photographie » for which she works as chief editor un til september 2016, just before co-creating « Mowwgli » in october 206 ; a pure player dedicated to the art and photography.  At the autmun of 2018, she launches the magazine « 9 Lives » ….

Olivier BOURGOIN –  Révélateur Agency

French / English

Olivier Bourgoin was born in 1967, and currently lives and works in Paris. After 15 years working in photographic institutions, and experiences in a communication agency and gallery, Olivier Bourgoin created the Révélateur Agency in April 2010.
He notably directed the communication and press relations of Photographic Heritage from 1993 to 2005, before the merger of this institution with the current Jeu de Paume, and created and developed the traveling exhibitions service there.

The Révélateur Agency originated from the realization of a desire to work closer with photographers, relying on a solid experience of his cultural and journalistic backgrounds.

Frédéric LORIN – Art Collector


A financier and jurist, Frédéric Lorin is a committed art collector. He is a patron and has invested in several associations or art collectives in order to support contemporary art.  In 2016, in collaboration with Isabelle de Maison Rouge – an art critic and art historian, a curator recognised in the world of the arts – they launched the platform MATCHART which aims at promoting the link between the artists and the art lover, who will become the XXIth century art patron. Frédéric Lorin is constantly looking out for new art discovery. He is also a member of the Fluxus Art foundation.

Katie BREEN – Photography Consultant Marie Claire International

French / English

Katie Been created “Coverlines” in 2005, after having worked for 15 years as an editor-in-chief for international versions of Marie Claire magazine. A bilingual journalist (French and English), she is the author of numerous articles for magazines including Marie Claire France and its International versions, Geo, Viva, Io Donna, and Encore, as well as for books including “Métro, boulot, macho” (Plon Editions), co-written with Catherine Durand about the lives of professional women.

Baudoin LEBON – Galerie Baudoin LEBON et La Chapelle Clairefontaine centre d’art

French / English

Baudoin Lebon is the founder of the Association of Paris Galleries and the Art Director of the Art Elysée fair. Specialised in photography, ancient and the gallery Baudoin LEBON main’s aim is the promotion, may it be of the author, the art pieces or the techniques. It is in this diversity of practices, but also in the long term work with the photographers from the gallery, that the gallery Baudoin Lebon holds its quarter in the « Marais » area, right in the heart of Paris’ artistic turmoil.


English/ Polish

Agata Stoinska is an architect turned photographer and entrepreneur. Originally from Poland Agata moved to Dublin in 2003. In 2008 she opened D-Light Studios, the multimedia space in Dublin, which promotes art, culture and community projects and supports artists through residency programmes. In 2010 she has founded BLOW Photo, a platform promoting fine art photography through talks, exhibitions and publications. She is an editor for the Lucie Award nominated BLOW Photo Magazine.
This year BLOW launches FUSE, an exclusive photo-book mentorship residency in collaboration with Read That Image, PlusPrint, Unthink Designers, D-Light Studios and Dewi Lewis.The aim is to guide the artists in every stage of producing the book, from editing, through designing and printing. The programme will result with the presentation of the artists, his work and professionally edited, designed and printed dummy to the international publishers.

Ségolène BROSSETTE – Ségolène Brossette Gallery

French / English

Holder of a master’s degree in mediation and cultural engineering, Ségolène Brossette has developed her knowledge of the international art scene through galleries, curating exhibitions, the organization of biennials (Ateliers de Rennes) and trade fairs.

She opened the doors of her gallery on 15 rue Guénégaud, 6th arrondissement –  just opposite the Monnaie de Paris  – the place is  dedicated to photography. The objective being to leave the confines of the closed framework of a showroom by creating new synergies while defending the emerging artists. The gallery has organized several exhibitions and events such as the « Parcours Dix-Huit », a gathering of a dozen public and private cultural institutions in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, in partnership with the Ball and the Festival Circulation(s).

Lionel CHARRIER – Director of Photography at the Libération


Top of his class at the Ecole Nationale Louis Lumière, Lionel Charrier began his career as a photo editor at Magnum agency before going behind the camera as an independent photographer. He was also the co-founder and co-artistic director of the Tbilisi Photo Festival until 2014.
Charrier has been the director of photography at the French newspaper Libération since 2015. He founded and is the former director of the M.Y.O.P. photo agency (2009-2015), and was the festival jury president of the MAP festival in 2015.

Héloïse CONESA – Head of acquisitions for the photographic collection of the BNF

French / Spanish

Heloïse Conesa holds a doctorate in art history (history of contemporary photography) and is the curator of heritage in charge of the collection of contemporary photography in the Department of Prints and Photography of the National Library of France. She was previously head of photography and modern art at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg. She was the curator of exhibitions « Robert Cahen » and « Patrick Bailly Master Grand » at the MAMCS Strasbourg in 2014, she was also co-curator of exhibitions « In the Workshop of the Photographic Mission of DATAR » (Arles, 2017) and « French landscapes: a photographic adventure (1984-2017) » (BnF, 2017). She is also a lecturer at the École supérieure Louis Lumière and regularly publishes articles, exhibition texts and reviews on the history of photography.

Anne-Sophie COPPIN – Historian, specialised in the rehabilitation of industrial wastelands in place of art and culture

French / English

A historian and a historian of art, Anne-Sophie Coppin is today the founder president of the international consulting agency Cogitatio Mundo, which has a branch specialised in cultural projects.

She was a special adviser toartists and to UNESCO’s envoy for cultural diplomacy and she worked as a project manager between the state, the Ministery of Culture and the departmental council of Hauts-de-Seine for the renovation of l’Ile Seguin before becoming deputy general director of the R4, international pole of plastic and visual arts of l’Ile Seguin. She steered cultural projects initiated by the President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy with the state councillor Daniel Janicot. Among her numerous experiences, she worked for the Elysée, the Caisse des dépôts et consignations and Jean Nouvel’s workshops.

She becomes technical advisor in charge of participative democracy, districts and cultural affairs in the mayor’s cabinet of the 16e arrondissement. She knows well Europe, Caucasus, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Invested in the equality of chances and opportunities for women, she is a member of the UN EmpowerWomen network and of the French Women Graduated from the University Association / Association des Femmes Françaises Diplômées d’Université (AFFDU).

In addition she wrote her first novel « Fantasmagorie flamande », which was published by Nuit Myrtide editions in 2017, and she regularly collaborates with Ellipses editions after having been awarded the Haussmann prize accessit for her book, « L’Ile Seguin demain, Histoires, architectures, cultures » in 2010. She is also Professor of contemporary History at INSEEC Business School and reservist of the National Education, jury member of the political literature prize Edgar Faure and jury member of the photographic prize Albert Kahn. She speaks French, English, German and Spanish.

Caroline CROS – Heritage curator at the Ministry of Culture

French / English

Caroline CROS has been working on artistic awareness and continuous expertise since 1998 for the Ministry of Culture (spokesperson for acquisitions (visual arts, photography and design of the National Fund for Contemporary Art) and support for creation (National Center for plastic arts).
She is particularly interested in sculpture, design and architecture.

She is curator of heritage, specializing in art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. She has taught the history of contemporary art at the Ecole du Louvre since 2000 and develops research and publications on the following topics:

– Marcel Duchamp and the Surrealists (exhibitions, correspondences and collaborations)

– Yona Friedman and the reconstruction of her studio apartment in Paris (donation with reserve to the State, exhibition and colloquium at the City of Architecture and Heritage (Paris) – in 2016)

– Francis Bacon and France (Michel Leiris, Yves Peyre, Henri Michaud, Jacques Dupin, historiography of exhibitions in Paris (1971 and 1996) and Marseille (1976)). Reflections on the library of Francis Bacon and his avatars. Since 2012, this research is carried out for the opening of a private foundation dedicated to Bacon (Monaco) opening to the public in 2015.

Eric CEZ – Director of the publishing workshop Loco

French / English

Éric Cez began his career in the contemporary art world (galleries, institutions, exhibition organization, etc.) before collaborating for more than fifteen years at Marval.

In 2008, he, along with his collaborator Anne Zweibaum, founded a company producing fine books, l’Atelier d’édition, and later created within this structure the Loco publishing house at the end of 2011. Loco set up a catalog of books dedicated mostly to contemporary photography, as well as transversal text books, between art and social sciences. The catalog now has nearly 80 titles.

Caroline STEIN – Neuflize OBC

French / English

Educated at the University of Western Brittany (Modern Literature) and the University of Paris 13 in Villetaneuse (Publishing). She began her career in 2003 at the Somogy publishing house as an editor of art books, before joining the collective ‘Tendance Floue’ with responsibility for cultural projects and partnerships. In 2012 she began working with the photographic laboratory Central Dupon Images to promote cultural collaboration with institutional stakeholders. Then in 2017 she joined the private bank Neuflize OBC.

Eléonore CHARREY – Photographer Agent and President of the Associated Agents

French / English

The Eléonore Charrey agency has represented photographers since 1999 and defends their work in the market.
In addition, Eléonore Charrey has been president of the Agents Associés since 2016, a union representing 42 agents in Paris (www.lesagentsassocié

Patricia COUTURIER – Photo Director of VSD Magazine

French / English

After studying History (Bachelors degree) and documentary, passionate about photojournalism, Patricia COUTURIER has worked in several press agencies, and in the world of sailing before collaborating with the VSD newspaper since 1997.

Head of the photo department since September 2017, she is always looking for new subjects, new adventures so that VSD is always an unexpected magazine

Ferit DÜZYOL – Consultant and art curator

French / English / Turkish

Ferit Düzyol originates from Boulogne and is a journalist and archiving specialist who is renowned in the photography world. He was a close confidant of Göksin Sipahioglu, the founder of the Sipa Press Agency and a legend in photojournalism.
Having trained in urban planning (he received a diploma from the Institute of Urban Planning in Paris), he started as a librarian and was later a manager of the archives at Sipa. He later became a photo editor in his editorial office and organised exhibitions for the agency. He is currently a photography consultant and curator.

Emmanuelle DE L’ÉCOTAIS – Head of photographic collections at the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris

Holding a doctorate in Art History, Emmanuelle de l’Ecotais is in charge of the photographic collection of the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris. A specialist of the work of Man Ray, she has curated many exhibitions including Shape of Light, Photography and Abstraction (Tate Modern, 2018). The author of several books, she was the artistic advisor of the HSHC Prize for Photography (2013), spokesperson of the Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière Photography Prize, of the Academy of Fine Arts (2014-2017), and jury member of the Prize Pictet (2015-2017).


Galerie Basia Embiricos, while being a vintage photograph collection, is also a space dedicated to projects and events that support contemporary creation in photography, video, and design with a concentration on new technology. The gallery also carries its own editions and organises ‘off the walls’ events in conjunction with institutions. Basia Embiricos produces and exports its exhibitions to numerous international cities (Athens, Shanghai, Tokyo and Fukuoka among them) and participates in trade shows in France and around the world.
In addition to showing some of the biggest names in photography (David Lynch, David Duncan Douglas, Goksin Sipahioglu, Ryszard Horowitz, and Douglas Kirkland, among others), the gallery launches and supports a number of emerging photographers who produce very personal works.

Wilfrid ESTEVE – Director Studio Hans Lucas


A photographer, teacher and producer, Wilfrid Estève directs the Hans Lucas studio and chairs the association of public utility FreeLens. He is also vice-president of the International Documentary Photography Fair « Photo Doc »  And is in charge of co-supervising the « Documentary and Digital Writing » university diploma at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia.

Notably, he was awarded the Nadar Prize in 2005 for « Photojournalism at a Crossroads » and in 2000 for the Voies Off Award as an artist. The documentaries he produced received the Environmental Film Festival Award in 2016, the 2014 PriMed and the 2013 Mediterranean Journalist Award from the Anna Lindh Foundation, and the grand jury prize of the WebTV Festival in La Rochelle in 2012. In 2015 he was promoted to the French order of Knight of Arts and letters.

Charlotte FLOSSAUT – Founder and Artistic Director of Photo Doc, Curator

Mannequin, agent, curator and then in 2012 Artistic Director of the Photo Off salon created by Eric Fantou, she founded 3 years later « Photo Doc, the international rendez-vous of documentary photography », including a fair and a gallery in Paris.

Jean-François GALLOIS – Initial Laboratory

For fifteen years Jean-François Gallois worked at the legendary Central Color lab created by his great grandfather Lucien Lorelle, a renowned photographers in the years after the war. He then co-directed Central Dupon for two years before taking over Initial Lab in Boulogne-Billancourt in 2014.

Initial Lab is referenced by some of the biggest international photographers and art galleries. The lab is partnered with Paris Photo, the international art fair of photography and numerous photo festivals including Visa pour l’image, les rencontres d’Arles, la Gacilly, Montier-en-Der and Sportfolio.

Nathalie GALLON – Tarfa project, Curator, art advisor and independent editorial director of photo books

French / English

Curator and art critic, Nathalie Gallon writes regularly for artists’ books, art galleries and magazines, especially on photography. From 2010 to 2012, she was General Delegate of the Carmignac Foundation and led the photojournalism award since its creation in 2009 for 6 years and was curator of the laureates’ exhibitions in France and abroad.

Christian GATTINONI – Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder of the online journal

French / English

An art curator, art critic and teacher at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles from 1989 to 2016, Christian Gattinoni is currently the editor-in-chief and co-founder of the online journal He was also the creator and co-organizer of Photographie Contemporaine en Bretagne (1989-1996)
and Semaines Européennes de l’Image (2000-2004)
He shares his time between art criticism, curating exhibitions and educating the public on the image.

Sarah GIRARD – Director of the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography

French / English / German

Sarah Girard took over the management of the emerging Swiss annual photography festival « Les Journées photographique de Bienne » on 1 February 2018. She is part of the groups of experts for the Nyon 2018 Focal Prize and the city of Geneva for No’Photo 2019. She is also a lecturer for the Kuverum program in Zurich. From 2015 to 2018, she designed cultural programs for schools in the canton of Geneva in all artistic fields as Cultural Advisor. She also led the launch of the innovative cultural mediation platform Rose explodes for the Pink Monochrome tram from Pipilotti Rist in Geneva in 2016.

Sarah Girard is particularly interested in contemporary photographic approaches that question our image practices and likes to work in an interdisciplinary method.

Valérie-Anne GISCARD D’ESTAING – Photo 12 Galerie

French / English

After a long career in publishing, Valérie-Anne Giscard d’Estaing founded the Photo12 agency in 2000 which later became a gallery of the same name in 2007. Originally focused on photojournalism, the editorial line of the gallery developed to specialise in contemporary figurative photography. The gallery represents French artists Clark & Pougnaud, and Anne Pharel and Norwegian artist Anja Niemi, among others.

Valérie-Anne has set herself the challenge of introducing European photographers to Asia (she opened a space in Shanghai in 2017) and on the American west coast with the opening of a gallery a few meters from the LACMA in Los Angeles in December 2018.

Mathieu GRANDJEAN – Open Show

French / English

Mathieu Grandjean started his career in Paris in 2000, and has been working between Switzerland and France since March 2011 after seven years in the USA.
Grandjean is a professor in the history of photography at the Lausanne Popular University, an exhibition guide at the Musée de l’Elysée, an independent photography consultant, and producer of the Open Show evenings in France and Switzerland (screenings / conversations).

This professional diversification allows him to shape his vision and critical analysis. He is particularly interested in the different ways of telling stories in photographs and their astonishing new possibilities.

Agnès GRÉGOIRE – Editorial Director of Photo Magazine

French / English

After receiving a Dea in Information Science (Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas), she started in the world of photography. For more than 25 years, she has worked mainly as a photo journalist, curator, jury member and press and TV consultant. From 2009 to 2011, she was spokesperson for the Photo Award of the Academy of Fine Arts.

Agnès Grégoire is now the Editorial Director of PHOTO magazine

Pascale GUIONY – Collector / Founder and leader of the agencies  De-ci de l’Art and Forwart

French / English / Italian / Elementary German

Art historian and entrepreneur, Pascale Guiony co-founded De-ci de l’Art in 2008, an agency dedicated to cultural mediation and more recently FORwART, which imagines and implements interactions between Art and companies.

Passionate about photography, she has been collecting contemporary photographers for more than 15 years and claims the freedom of an eye where the feeling which creates an image is greater than any technical or historical consideration.

Stanislas HENRY  – Collector

French / English / Spanish

Stanislas Henry is a collector of photography and contemporary art (photos, drawings, works on paper). He defends and supports numerous photographers and artists with their exhibition projects and in the creation of certain works.
His collection notably includes works from Éric Vali, Jean-Baptiste Huynh, Philippe Ramette, Vik Muniz, Brian Gysin, Anne Deleporte, and Stefen Dean.
Stanislas Henry has made a career in investment banking and investment fund management.

Lidwine KERVELLA  – Photo and Design Editor for the weekly magazine Courrier International

French / English / Spanish

For almost 20 years, Lidwine Kervella has been working as a photo editor in the French press (Le Monde, Human Sciences, The World of Debates, Humanity). In 2003 she joined the editorial team of Courrier International.

She participates as a juror for grants, and is present in photography festivals in France and abroad (Visa for Image, the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Arles, Foto festival in Lianzhou in China, the Rencontres de Bamako, Phnom Penh Photo festival, Circulations). She also works in schools, especially on the subject of press design.

As part of the publication Courrier international, she is particularly interested in the work of foreign photographers.

Baudoin LEBON – Galerie Baudoin LEBON – La Chapelle Clairefontaine centre d’art

French / English

Baudoin Lebon is Founder of the Association of Galleries of Paris, and artistic director of the Art Elysée exhibition. Although essentially linked to photography, old and contemporary, the Baudoin LEBON gallery is interested in sculpture, installations, painting and drawing. Its primary purpose is promotion, whether that of artists, works or techniques. It is in this diversity of practices, but also in the long-term work with the artists that the gallery strives in the heart of the « Haut Marais » in full artistic effervescence.

Hélène Angelina MEDORI – Head of Cultural Development at ARTE


Hélène Angelina Medori initiates and supports numerous cultural events for ARTE in France and Europe.
She is engaged in different creative fields, intersecting photography, contemporary art, creative documentary, fashion and music. Creating the Contemporary Art Prize or the Street Fashion Competition, she reveals young European talents in the making. At the ARTE headquarters as well as in « avant-garde » venues, she organises exhibitions of photographic and visual artists.

Eric MEYER – Editor-in-chief of  GEO magazine

French / English

A graduate of ESSEC, Eric Meyer began his career with Groupe Expansion as a journalist and then editor of L’Entreprise. After being deputy editor of the Figaro Magazine from 2011 to 2003, he launched Arts Magazine. In the summer of 2006, Eric Meyer was appointed deputy editor of GEO, before taking the position of designated published of the « Pôle Découverte » in May 2009. He thus brings together two of his passions, journalism and travel. Since 2010, he has been fully involved in the « GEO family » as editor.

Christine OLLIER – Art Historian and contemporary art and photography curator

Christine Ollier specializes in cultural communication as an art historian and curator. She is a specialist in cultural development and strategy and often works as an artistic director, project manager and advisor. For 20 years she worked for Les Filles du Calvaire gallery as an artistic director.

Sarah PRESTON – Neutral Grey Agency

French / English / Spanish

Of French-British nationality, Sarah Preston worked for several years at the Magnum photo agency in London and VU’ in Paris. She also worked as an assistant for photographers Martin Parr and Peter Marlow. Today she is based in Paris where she created the Neutral Gray agency (2014) which is focused on the promotion of new documentary photography in France and abroad. She regularly contributes as a consultant, translator and journalist for, among others, the Afrique in Visu website (interview and video production) and the magazine Off the Wall (Views of Africa).

Neutral Gray also collaborates with Panos Pictures, Bristol PhotoBook, ImageSingulières, and Granta Books, among others.

Christophe RIOUX – Writer, academic, and journalist

French / English / German

Christophe Rioux is an academic, writer and journalist who holds degrees from the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP), the CELSA Paris-Sorbonne and the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences. He is a member of the research team at the French National Center for Scientific Research in Art, Economics and Society of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and of the Research Centre for Arts and Languages (Mixed Research Unit CNRS-EHESS). He is the director of Masters programmes in several schools and universities and lectures at the Sorbonne, Sciences Po Paris and at HEC.

As a journalist, he has presented Les Deniers de la Culture on France 5, written for various revues for the BeauxArts Group (Le Quotidien de l’Art/L’Hebdo/BeauxArts), and other magazines including Lire, and Etudes, where he heads the Exhibitions section. Through his editorial work he follows in particular the photographic news in France and internationally. He organises and hosts numerous meetings and round tables on literature, the arts and culture. As an author, he was a member of the jury of the Wepler-Foundation La Poste Prize, received a residency through the Missions Stendhal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was selected for numerous literary prizes. He is the author of novels published by Editions Flammarion and essay published by Actes Sud and other publishing houses.

Hilary ROBERTS – Research Curator of Photography – Imperial War Museum


Hilary Roberts is Research Curator of Photography at Imperial War Museums (IWM), Britain’s national museum of modern conflict.
As the Archive’s Head Curator (1996 – 2013), she oversaw the development of the IWM Photograph Archive’s collections and its transition to digital technology.  The Archive now numbers more than eleven million images and covers every major conflict from the mid nineteenth century to the present day.
A specialist in the history and practice of conflict photography, Hilary has numerous publications and exhibitions to her name.  She  works closely with photographers, curators, researchers and writers who document or respond to contemporary conflict.
In 2014, Hilary was appointed a Canon Master with a remit to mentor young photographers.  She is also an advisor to the VII Foundation.  In 2017, Hilary became the first British curator to receive the Royal Photographic Society’s prestigious Award for Curatorship.

Marie ROBERT – Chief Curator of Photography at the Musée d’Orsay

French / English

Marie Robert is the Chief Curator of Photography at the Musée d’Orsay and was notably in charge of the scientific commission of the exhibition « Qui a peur des femmes photographes 1839-1945 »

Nathalie ROYER – Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation for the Vocation

French / English

For 57 years, the Marcel Bleustein Blanchet Foundation for the Vocation has awarded an annual scholarship of 8000 euros to 20 recipients. The foundation encourages those between the ages of 18 to 30 from all nationalities to discover their calling.
For 20 years, Nathalie Royer has been General Delegate and has been part of the jury alongside Anne Sinclair, Monique Plomb, Elisabeth Badinter, Yvonne Brunhammer, and Bertrand Tavernier.
She is seeking photographers between 18 and 30 years old.

Jacques SIERPINSKI – ManifestO Festival


Jacques Sierpinski is an independent photographer, founding member and artistic director of the ManifestO Festival in Toulouse, and curator of the last major exhibition of Claude Dityvon in Cugnaux (31). Sierpinski was an associate photographer at the Scope Agency and creator of Bons Baisers Editions with Philippe-Gérard Dupuy, long involved in the defense of photographers’ rights within the UPP, of which he was the representative of the Midi-Pyrénées region.

Fabienne SIEGWART – President of Corridor Éléphant Editions

French / English / Italien / German

A holder of a Master’s degree in Literature and a degree in History, she is now a teacher of publishing (Asfored, Training Center for Publishing) and photography (Cinémagis); She is the president of Corridor Éléphant, a non-profit association (law 1901) founded in 2012, to which she brings her editorial and photographic expertise.

The Corridor Éléphant Association aims to show and defend contemporary photography, images that bears witness to our present and that remain rarely exhibited, despite their quality, but also for the most part unedited, whatever its origin in the world.

Since 2015, Corridor Éléphant has published the magazine NiepceBook (n ° 10 in preparation). NiepceBook is a singularity on the photographic press market. It publishes three times a year a limited and numbered review of beautiful works without advertisement and certified by a seal cold.

Marc SIMON – Secretary General of the International Centre for Research of Political Imaging

French / English

After studying Law and History-Geography at university and working at the ECPA, Marc SIMON began his career as a photojournalist in 1976 by independently covering the Lebanese conflict. Then from 1978, he spent 22 years as a photojournalist for the magazine VSD, covering all types of topics (raid adventures, conflicts, sports, peoples). In 2000, he became director of  VSD magazine’s photo service until May 2018. He is currently Chairman of the Mark Grosset Prize jury, Member of the board of the Vendôme Photographic Walks association – and Secretary General of the International Centre for Research of Political Imaging – CIRIP

Anne SERROY – Editorial Director of the Editions de La Marinière

French / English / Italian

Anne Serroy is the Editorial Director of Editions de La Marinère and has had the opportunity to work with some of the most renowned photographers over her twenty-five years at the publishing house. After graduate studies in literature and publishing, her contribution to the creation of the publishing house allowed her to acquire a true sense of the image and photographic culture, a reflection on how to use and give access to the public, while understanding, over time, the changing patterns of consuming it.

The Editions de La Martinière was the first to exhibit outdoors on the railings of the Senate, notably with the work of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, while also seeking to publish in several languages and several countries simultaneously with a French edition, or to connect photographers with other types of media such as television, press and most recently social media while publishing works originating from these channels.

Agata STOINSKA – Chief Editor BLOW Photo


An architect turned photographer and entrepreneur, Agata Stoinska (Polish, based in Ireland) is the Lucie Award nominated Founder & Editor of BLOW Photo and D-Light Studios.

BLOW Photo was created in 2010 to promote and support photography through publications, talks, workshops, exhibitions and educational events.

BLOW Photo has published 16 issues, exhibited Irish work at the European Month of Photography in Berlin, collaborated with Southeast Museum of Photography in Florida and most recently with Hamburg Triennial.

This fall BLOW Photo Magazine is launching its first Blow Photo Book Programme : Fuse. The aim is to guide the artists in every stage of producing the book, from editing, through designing and printing. The programme will result with the presentation of the artists, his work and professionally edited, designed and printed dummy to the international publishers.

Marie-Pierre SUBTIL – Journalist

Journalist Marie-Pierre Subtil worked for 22 years for the Monde newspaper, abroad and in France, before managing the magazine 6MOIS as editor-in-chief for six years. She is more interested in photojournalism than in art photography.

Magali TRIBALET – AGE Photo

French/ English/ Spanish

Further to a university curricula in history and in audiovisual documentation, Magali Tribalet began her professional career in photographic agencies in 2001. Very quickly her interpersonal skills, her curiosity and passion for the image, drove her naturally towards very different agencies such as BSIP, Rapho, Gamma et Keystone. These enriching and varied experiences gave her the opportunity to meet numerous photographers of very different approaches and insight, but also it gave her the opportunity to exchange with the major players of the media, publication and cultural world in France.

Since 2008, She runs the French office of the Spanich photography agency AGE, and for this reason she is active in different national professional associations (SNAPIG) and european associations (CEPIC) whose mission is to fight for the respect of copyright and good professional practices.

Agnès VOLTZ – Curator

French / English

Agnès Voltz started in photography with ten years at the Gamma press agency, notably as culture & communication manager. She was a member of the Steering Committee of the Gens d’images association.
She is the co-founder of the Chambre avec Vues gallery (2005-2010), which exhibited Ambroise Tézenas, Alain Cornu and Ruben Brulat for the first time, young talents recognized today, and who brought to the fore authors such as Gladys, Marc Garanger and Jean-Pierre Sudre.

In 2008, the gallery organized the exhibition Terre des Pôles, at the gates of the Senate, on the initiative of Nicolas Mingasson, who signed the Arctic part, while Antarctica gathered several photographers from Look at Sciences.
She is also:
Curator of Didier Pazery’s photo exhibition titled « 14 », Faces & Remains of the Great War, at Gare Paris-Est from June to November 2014 with the Centennial Mission label.
Curator of the exhibition « Quand Charcot gagnait le sud » at the House of Latin America in September 2016.
Co-author of the book « L’aventure des pôles » which has recently been published by Larousse.

Didier JANOT – President of PRISME

At the head of the Horizon Bleu communication agency, Didier Janot is also the dynamic president of the PRISME Patronage Business Club, created in Reims in the form of an association in 1989 which aims to promote corporate sponsorship to fund the production of artworks and exhibitions and support contemporary art. He is also a correspondent and administrator of the Admical, association recognised by the public that has been working as a philanthropic service since 1979.

Arnaud LEVENES – Head of the residence « La Capsule » at Le Bourget

French / English

Arnaud LEVENES selects and supports artists’ projects at the technical, budgetary and artistic levels. La Capsule was inaugurated in March 2009. It hosts photographic artists for a residency period of several months to a year and provides them with space, development laboratories, film and digital printing, photo studios, and the materials needed for the production of photographs and exhibits. Likewise, it offers residents a space for outreach and sets up numerous projects to promote the meeting between these artists and the public.

Marty de MONTEREAU – Collector

Marty de Montereau is a collector of contemporary art. He created the association Be My Guest Production, which allows him to organize exhibitions and other events related to contemporary art. He is also the president of the association of the former students of the Arts Déco and administrator of the endowment LINK, Secretary general of the European association of art and industrial aesthetics, Treasurer of psl alumni, and a member of the society of the friends of the Pompidou Center and Member of the friends of the maison rouge.

Ivane THIEULLENT – VOZ’Galerie

French / English / Spanish

The founder of VOZ’Galerie, an art gallery specialising in contemporary photography, Ivane Thieullent is also the Vice-President of the CARRÉ SUR SEINE association, an Executive Board’s member of the Friends of Albert-Kahn museum association and the Director of the Friends of Albert-Kahn museum Grant.

Pascal BEAUSSE – Head of the photography collection of the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP)

French / English

Pascal Beausse is head of the photography collection of the National Centre for Plastic Arts (Paris).

An art critic, he also teaches history and theory of photography at the HEAD, University of Art and Design of Geneva. He is a research fellow in the Curatorial / Knowledge programme, Goldsmiths, University of London. Beaus was the winner of the Villa Kujoyama program supported by the French Institute / Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Franco-Japanese Institute of Kansai, and a residence for researchers and artists in Kyoto (2007).

Also a curator, he has presented recently: Y he aquí la luz (Museo de Arte Miguel Urrutia, Bogota, 2017), The Family of the Invisibles (Seoul SeMA, Seoul Museum of Art, 2016), Supernature (Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, 2014), The Secret Sea (Onomichi City Museum of Art, Hiroshima, 2013), Knowledge is Power (PhotoEspaña, Madrid, 2013), Número Tres (The Virreina – center of image, Barcelona, 2012).

Jany BIANCO MULA – Chief of the photo service, producer – Les Echos Week-end

French / English

In the 20 years spent in the press, of which fifteen of those were at « Libération », Jany Bianco Mula worked to promote at transmit photographic content, both documentary and artistic. In her everyday life, where she was also in charge of « La Der » for a long time, she has a strong taste for portraiture.

She has worked with « Echos Week-End magazine » since its launch in October 2015.

Stéphane BRASCA – Founder and Director of the magazine « de l’air »

French / English

Stéphane Brasca lives and works between Nice and Paris.

His publication, « de l’air », has been published since 2000, and was made the subject of a retrospective in 2011 at the MEP.

In parallel to the magazine, he created a publishing house specialized in limited edition, signed and numbered works (from Bernard Plossu, Antoine d’agate, Olivier Roller, and Ivana Boris, among others).

In 2016 Stéphane Brasca curated the Bernard Plossu’s exhibition, « Western Color », at the Rencontres d’Arles. He regularly organises thematic, collective and solo exhibitions in Paris and Nice.

Sylvie DANNAY – Photo Department at La Croix

French / Spanish / English

After studying History and Documentation Iconography, this passionate photographer and traveller joined Bayard group in 1987 as a photo editor. After working a few years for the magazine press: I Bouquine, Okapi, Phosphore, Panorama, (among others) her interest in the news led her to join  the photo department of the daily La Croix in 1999. She is currently in charge of photographic reflection within the journal’s weekly magazine project team.

She was part of this year’s jury of the festival Barrobjectif.

Isabelle DARRIGRAND – Private collector and former Editorial Director of the magazine Photos Nouvelles

Isabelle Darrigrand has collected contemporary photography for 20 years. For 10 years she was the editor-in-chief of the journal Photos Nouvelles. Since leaving the magazine she has participated in juries and competitions and at national and international festivals where she exhibits her collection and collaborates with the Galaxie Photo association. For 20 years, Isabelle Darrigrand has been collecting photography on social, political and human themes.

Nicolas LÉVY – Collector, Associate at Photodoc – the events of documentary photography, the photodoc fair and the photodoc gallery

French / English

Self-taught, working in the audiovisual industry for more than 40 years, Nicolas Lévy opened the gallery and photography agency Le Joker in 2005, and also founded the Eye, a photographic post-production company.
It is with the desire and the will to defend and reveal the work of photographers that he organizes at the same time artistic events (Nuits Blanches, exhibition production in partnership with the MEP for Le Mois de la Photo).
Adhering to the pro-humanist activist spirit of Charlotte Flossault, he joined her team in 2017, bringing his drive to the birth of Photo Doc, the International Rendez-Vous for Documentary Photography. Nicolas Levy is behind the opening of the Photo Doc Gallery.

Nicolas Levy is also a collector.

Nathalie MAYEVSKI – Co-founder and Editorial Director of Éditions Imogene

French / English

After studying modern literature, Nathalie Mayevski started her career at Éditions Flammarion.
In 2006 she joined the editorial team of Éditions de la Martinière and eight years later was made manager of the Photo/Arts/Heritage department.
With Delphine Delastre (artistic director), she founded Éditions Imogene in 2017. The catalogue, principally focused on photography and the arts, presents after two years of existence, seven books on various themes (including documentary photography, photojournalism, art photography and nature photography).

Nicolas MISERY – Head of Collections for the Albert-Kahn Museum

French / Italian / English

Nicolas Misery is in charge of the collections at the Albert-Kahn museum. He has worked in the field of contemporary photography for several years. He has collaborated with François Hébel for the Month of the Photo of Grand Paris 2017 and the European House of Photography, he was previously production manager for Galleria Continua and Gallery Kamel Mennour. He also contributed to the preservation of the important photographic collection of the Carmignac Foundation. A doctor in Art History, Nicolas Misery taught at the University. An author of scientific publications, he devotes his work to the history of portraiture and contributes to projects of the National Institute of Art History, the National Center for Scientific Research and Columbia University. He is also a graduate of ESCP-Europe.

Chantal NEDJIB – President of L’image par l’image

French / English

After a career in communications in various ministerial offices and in companies, Chantal Nedjib directed the communication of the HSBC bank in France in which she created the HSBC Prize for photography that she supported for 15 years and of which she is still a member of the jury.

Eight years ago she founded L’image par l’image, a consultancy agency interested in communication by photography.

She is co-president of Les Filles de photo, the first professional women’s network that acts for photography.

Monique PLON – Vice president of Gens d’images

Martine RAVACHE – Lecturer, Photo Critic, Writer, Creator of the studios « Apprendre à Voir »

French / English

A graduate of the Ecole du Louvre, Martine Ravache is an art historian, critic and specialist of photography and curator, and is also the author of seven books about or based on photography. Since the early 90s, she has collaborated with all of the press titles specialized in art : Camera, Connaissance des Arts, Beaux-Arts, Le Magazine Littéraire, etc. In 2010 she created an educational workshop entitled « Apprendre à voir » (« Learn to see ») that she hosted at the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Arles and at the Agathe Gaillard gallery in Paris and currently hosted at Agence VU’.

Martine Ravache curated in 2017, the exhibition « Lartigue in La Baule » at the Musée Bernard Boesch in La Baule, and the exhibition » JH Lartigue: Life in Color « in 2015 at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP – European House of Photography) in Paris. She is the author of « JH Lartigue: Life in Color » (Editions du Seuil, 2015 / American translation at Abrams and German at Schirmer Mosel), « Baie attitude » (éditions Patrimoines médias, 2013), « Les Sudre, une famille de photographes » (Editions Delpire, 2010), « Les années cool  » (Editions du Panama, 2006),  » L’album photo des Français » (Editions du Chêne, 2004),and « Le fleuve des sables » (Editions du Chêne, 2002). In October 2019, she will launch he latest publication : an essay on photography entitled « Regards paranoïaques » (Paranoid gaze) at Éditions du Canoë.

Caroline ARHUERO – Head of Acquisitions and Commissions Department at CNAP

French / English

Caroline Arhuero began her career at the Centre Pompidou and later worked at the National Contemporary Arts Fund. At the Guimet Museum she directed the exhibitions and museography department before becoming the museum’s head of collections. She also organises the contemporary art projects and exhibitions at the Guimet Museum. Caroline Arhuero is currently the head of the acquisitions and commissions department at the Centre national des arts plastiques. She works with the curatorial team and leads the selection of laureates for contemporary art prizes.

Florence DE MAILLY – Photo Editor – Art buyer – Curator

French / English

Florence de Mailly created within the Sipa Press Agency, a section dedicated to work by photographers, promoting their work in France and internationally for 12 years since 2003. She is also a photo editor and art buyer for numerous magazine editorial departments (including VSD, l’Express and Elle, among others). She regularly collaborates with Madame Figaro as head of photo productions and editor. She was the curator of the exhibition “O Sumo San” in the gardens of the Albert-Kahn Museum.

Florence DROUHET – Artistic Director of the Festival Photo de La Gacilly

French / English

Florence Drouhet is the artistic director of the La Gacilly Photo Festival, and of her Austrian adaptation La Gacilly-Baden Photo, curator of the « Music and Photography » Photo-Concerts of the symphony orchestra of  Brittany (since 2017), consultant and curator of photographic projects, in particular for the National Museum of Natural History (Museum Photography Award (2010-2015) and exhibitions Sarah Moon (2013) and Robert Doisneau (2015), for the Photography Workshops of the European House of Photography, and for the photo festival of Mer (Vannes). She had previously worked 12 years at the Ministry of Culture, Drac Ile-de-France, in charge of the Photographic Heritage Fund (1992 – 2004)

Created in 2004, the annual La Gacilly Photo Festival offers visitors an immersive and ambulatory experience in the heart of some thirty open-air and large-format galleries. The exhibitions thus cover the streets, gardens and alleys of La Gacilly, transformed into a « village in the pictures », whose magnificent built heritage offers a perfect setting to the more than 1000 images exhibited as much as it is valued by the works of the 25 to 30 photographers presented. The general theme of the festival is to explore the link between Man and the Earth in the diversity of photographic writing.

Bruno DUBREUIL – Teacher and art critic

French / English

Bruno Dubreuil has been teaching photography at the Verdier Center (Paris 10th) since 2000. He takes particular care in linking photography to the other arts and offers keys for reading the images he presents at conferences (notably, Une histoire de l ‘Art at the Binome Gallery). Together with Oleñka Carrasco, he founded Imago, an educational structure dedicated to the development of photographic projects.
A journalist and art critic, he directs the blog and has written many texts for exhibitions and catalogs.
He is also co-artistic director of the Immixgalerie, an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary photography.
In his personal artistic projects he develops the photographic image in a form of photographic narrative, in relation to comics and writing.


Oleñka CARRASCO – Writer and Photographer

French / Spanish / English

Oleñka Carrasco, an artist working on photo-text, collaborates on several educational projects on photographic exploration and its confrontation with writing, art and their book editing process. With Bruno Dubreuil, she founded ImagoGraphie, an educational structure dedicated to the development of photographic projects.

She has published several books in which photography and writing are transformed into a new way of expression and in-depth work on the creation of photobooks or artists’ books. She writes the column Oh my Photobook! on the blog

Pierre FERNANDEZ – Agence France Presse

Successively editor-in-chief of the photo department and head of communication at the AFP, Pierre Fernandez is currently head of Content Promotion at the agency. He is notably head curation of multimedia exhibitions, both in France and internationally and creates numerous trailers on world events.

Philippe GASSMANN – Chief Executive Officer of PICTO

French / English

Philippe GASSMANN is the Chief Executive Officer of PICTO, a major player in high-end photographic imagery in France among photographers and luxury advertisers. Picto is also expanding internationally, opening a production studio in New York, in the heart of Manhattan. In 2016, Philippe GASSMANN created the Picto Foundation to support and sustain laboratory aid for photographers.

Dominique LECOURT – Editorial Manager – Roger-Viollet


Dominique Lecourt started in photography in the mid 1980s working for various laboratories and press agencies such as Central Color, Keystone and Sipa Press. At the same time he continued his  career as a freelance photographer until 1997, when he joined the Roger-Viollet Agency to participate in the beginning of the digitization of the photographic archives. In 2004, he created the editorial service of the agency, whose mission is to develop partnerships with new photographers and promote all works.

Caroline STEIN – Head of Sponsorship at Banque Neuflize OBC

French / English

Caroline Stein is a graduate of the University of Western Brittany in modern literature and holds a DESS Culture & Communication in edition at Paris Villetaneuse University.
She began her professional career in 2003 as a publisher of art books at Somogy editions before joining the collective of photographers Tendance Floue in 2007. In charge of cultural projects and partnerships, she develops their exhibition programs, their itineraries and artist residency projects. It carries out many cultural activities and creates innovative partnerships in France and internationally, with institutions, festivals, communities and art centers. In 2012, she joined Central Dupon Images laboratories specializing in professional photography to strengthen cultural collaborations with a broad spectrum of institutional players. It combines these commercial aspects with consulting missions to photographers and curators. In 2017, Caroline Stein joined Banque Neuflize OBC as Head of Sponsorship and Curator of the Corporate Collection.

Didier DE FAŸS  – Directeur de et de La Bourse du Talent

French / English


Nicolas MISERY – Head of Collections for the Albert-Kahn Museum

French / Italian / English

Nicolas Misery previously worked for the  MEP and the  Rencontres photo du Grand Paris with F. Hebel.

Manon DEMURGER – Head of Exhibitions for the Albert-Kahn Museum

French / Spanish

After research in photography while in university, Manon Demurger worked for the Musée Français de la Photographie.

Clémence REVUZ – Head of Artistic Programming and Photographic Projects for the Albert-Kahn Museum

French / English

Clémence Revuz previously worked for the  Musée de la Photographie.

Fabienne MAILLARD – Head of Research for the Albert-Kahn Museum, specialising in documentary photography, et author of a thesis on the photographer Pierre Verger


Holding a doctorate in art history (The photographic art of Pierre Verger: the modernity of a glance), Fabienne Maillard is currently responsible for research projects and partnerships at the Albert-Kahn Departmental Museum. She taught the history of photography and the theory of images at Université Lumière Lyon 2 from 2011 to 2013 and initiated the launch of a publishing house dedicated to contemporary photography by creating the association Out Of Zone in 2007. She was the curator of the exhibition « Pierre Verger », presented at the Jeu de Paume in 2005, she also won the Louis Roederer Research Fellowship in Photography in 2011. Her research interests include documentary photography and reporting, and the relationship between photography and anthropology.

Dimitri BECK – Director of Photography at Polka

French / English

Dimitri Beck is the director of photography at Polka (magazine, gallery and multimedia) of which he is one of the founding members alongside the Genestar family since 2008. From 2004 to the end of 2006 he was posted in Kaboul in Afghanistan where he he led the Aina Photo Agency, trained Afghan photographers and promoted and developed their work. At the same time he was the editor-in-chief of the bilingual French-English magazine « Les Nouvelles de Kaboul / New Afghanistan ».